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Disney Y.E.S. ProgramDisney Youth Education Series  (Y.E.S.)

Disney Youth Education Series provides a one of kind educational experience for K-12 student groups of 10 or more. More than 20 curriculum-based, academic journeys examine and explore the scientific, cultural, creative, and natural exhibits of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. Specially trained Walt Disney World Resort facilitators use a captivating mixture of thought-provoking information, hands-on experiences, and fun to involve students in the learning process. The grade-level content and specially designed pre- and post-program materials make it easy for educators to incorporate Disney Y.E.S. programs into classroom lesson plans. Take a look at a few of the program descriptions below for Arts & Humanities, Life Management, Natural Sciences, and Physical Sciences. For a complete list and in depth description, please contact us today!!

Student Experience
Today I got to experience what it is like to attend a Y.E.S. program at Walt Disney World. The Y.E.S. program that I attended is called Disney’s Captivating Moments; image with impact held in EPCOT. There was a group of about eighteen students all together and there were two instructors who were there to assist us, they taught us some cool stuff about photography that I will now take into consideration when I am taking any picture! With the techniques we got to learn we were able to use them through out the park, some things we learned were: side lighting, reaction shot, rule of thirds, and many others. Not only did we learn some techniques but they also had activities for us to do Once we took a few pictures on our way to our next destination, Than like we were photo journalists, we would stand in a circle and share the picture and they had us walk around and make up a random story, showing us that a picture could mean anything to anyone and that is why you should always add a caption or tell someone your story! All in all I had an amazing time and learned so much new stuff that I did not know about photography, and I am looking forward to attending my next Y.E.S. program!


Liberal Arts

Discovering the American Spirit 3rd -12th Grade Magic Kingdom

From the Wild West to the Declaration of Independence, students are transported back in time to the experience American history through the stories and attractions in Liberty Square and Frontierland.

Fundamentals of Photo Storytelling 7th -12th Grade Epcot

Learn about the art of storytelling with visuals and how to capture artistic images with proven photography techniques.

Techniques of Teamwork through Improvisation 6th -12th Grade Epcot

Band together as a creative ensemble, practice improvisation and team-building techniques, and use your newfound knowledge to stage your own performance!

Introduction to Global Citizenship 4th -9th Grade Epcot

Discover how technology, communication and commerce have bridged cultural gaps around the world as you navigate the international pavilions of Epcot World Showcase.

Backstage at La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil 6th -12th Grade Downtown Disney

Get an inside look at the international phenomenon that is Cirque du Soleil as you go backstage at La Nouba and learn what it takes to bring this dazzling spectacle to the stage.


Leadership Development

Disney Leadership Strategies 9th -12th Grade Epcot

Investigate proven management strategies employed by The Walt Disney Company, see how leadership spurs innovation, and promote personal and professional success.

Managing Your Personal Brand 6th -10th Grade Hollywood Studios

Formulate strategies for personal and professional success, start planning for a promising future, and discover how to navigate unexpected career highs and lows.

Exploring Careers in the Zoological Sciences 10th -12th Grade Animal Kingdom

Journey behind the scenes and on select attractions to explore "wild" careers in zoology and discover the innovative ways that Disney staff promote animal care and well-being.

Exploring Careers in the Marine Sciences 7th -12th Grade Epcot

Meet our marine biology professionals for a discussion on various marine careers and the education and experience it takes to succeed in the field.


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Environmental Studies

Discovering Marine Life Conservation 3rd -7th Grade Epcot

Explore diverse marine environments with educators from The Seas with Nemo & Friends and learn about marine conservation and what you can do to help protect ocean life.

Principles of Animal Behavior 2nd -7th Grade Animal Kingdom

Explore the fascinating and surprising world of animal behavior. See exotic animals in their natural habitat and engage in hands-on activities to learn how they survive and thrive.

Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation 6th -12th Grade Animal Kingdom

Discover how diverse people and animals respond to conservation challenges on a global level as you adventure through Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.


Applied Sciences

The Evolution of Technology 6th -12th Grade Epcot

Explore the attractions of Future World at Epcot to develop an understanding of how human needs and wants drive the development and acceleration of technology.

Energy and Waves Physics Lab 101 3rd -5th Grade Magic Kingdom

Embark on an interactive adventure where you'll explore the physics of light and sound through select attractions at Magic Kingdom Park and examine the wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Energy and Waves Physics Lab 201 6th -8th Grade Magic Kingdom

Take a journey on an interactive adventure where you'll explore how the physics of light and sound are used to design select attractions at Magic Kingdom Park.

Energy and Waves Physics Lab 301 9th -12th Grade Magic Kingdom

Embark on an interactive adventure where you'll explore the physics of light and sound through select attractions at Magic Kingdom Park and see optics and acoustics in action.

Properties of Motion Physics Lab 101 4th -5th Grade Magic Kingdom

Experience physics in practical application as we demonstrate force, motion and gravity on some of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom Park.

Properties of Motion Physics Lab 201 6th -8th Grade Magic Kingdom

Feel physics in action as you test the properties of force, motion and gravity on popular attractions throughout Magic Kingdom Park.

Properties of Motion Physics Lab 301 9th -12th Grade Magic Kingdom

Explore the effects of centripetal force and test Newton's First Law of motion using the attractions of Magic Kingdom Park as your learning lab.

Everyday Chemistry 101 4th -5th Grade Epcot

Gain a greater understanding of modern chemistry and its practical application through observations and hands-on experiments within Epcot.

Everyday Chemistry 201 6th -9th Grade Epcot

Discover the practical application of modern chemistry and its role in your everyday lives through hands-on experiments within Epcot.

How Things Move K -2nd Grade Magic Kingdom

Experience popular Magic Kingdom Park attractions to understand how physics, magnetism and fuel are all applied to ride design.

Experiencing Synergy in Science K -3rd Grade Epcot

Investigate the synergy at work in Epcot attractions, where creativity and technology merge to create world-class entertainment. Then learn to recognize synergy among the tools and systems that help us in our daily life.

The Science of Disney Imagineering: Gravity 6th -8th Grade Hollywood Studios

Discover how Walt Disney Imagineering uses the powers of science to develop our world-famous theme parks and attractions.


Take an in-depth exploration of the interaction between creativity and technology.

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