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When you decide to take a vacation, there are many options for you to choose from and it really depends on what you are looking for. When you are deciding, you have to ask yourself if you want an all inclusive package, a vacation that is adults only or perhaps a family friendly vacation. On top of that, you will have to decide if you want to vacation at a resort, by the beach, or take a cruise. One other thing that you may have to take into consideration and that is how long you would like your vacation to be. Some vacationers are fortunate enough to have a few weeks saved up and others may only have a few days. This may seem a bit overwhelming, so let us help you out with a suggestion. Celebration Cruise Line can provide you an exciting vacation to the Bahamas at a very reasonable price.

Celebration Cruises is one of the newest cruise lines to call south Florida their home. They offer two different cruise packages and they are incredibly affordable. Their home port is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and they depart for the Bahamas every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can choose from a two night or a three night cruise. This is great for all of us who cannot take off from work for a week or two. There really isn’t a better way to get away from everyday life than to enjoy a relaxing Bahamas Celebration Cruise.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where there said the words, “We should go to the Bahamas.” Why not? The Bahamas have long been known to be an excellent vacation spot. With its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water, it’s no wonder why a Bahamas vacation is one of the most sought after tropical vacation destinations out there. Celebration Cruise Line can make your Bahamas vacation a reality. Check out some of the exciting things to do on the ship, the Bahamas Celebration, as well as the excursions that are offered on shore.

First things first, let’s take a look at the two itineraries the Celebration Cruise Line offers. The two night cruise is a nice little getaway that leaves every Monday and Wednesday. The three night cruise departs every Friday. When you embark, you will be greeted with a courteous staff who will direct you to the lunch buffet and delicious drinks on the pool deck. Join all the other passengers in a bon voyage as you depart from the wonderful port of Fort Lauderdale at 5PM. This is when the fun begins! After you get your belongings squared away, it’s time to see what the ship has to offer in entertainment and dinning.

The Bahamas Celebration has five different restaurants to choose from, and unlike some of the other cruise lines out there, you can choose which one that you would like to dine in. The Crystal Dining Room is set in a casual atmosphere and serves up a most exquisite five course meal. Everyone one loves Italian food, so you definitely want to check out the delicious Trattoria Di Gerry. You should count on bringing your full appetite when you make Rio’s Brazilian Steakhouse all you can eat meat your choice for dinner. For a more intimate and romantic night out, be sure to check out The Cove. There is a minimal cost to dine at The Cove, but the food and the ambiance is surely worth it.

After dinner, it is time for some night time entertainment and they are many choices on the Bahamas Celebration. If social gaming is your thing, well then you should certainly head into the Wynmore Casino. The casino offers all of the traditional games that you would find in a Las Vegas casino. After the casino, it is time to dance the rest of the night away in one, or both, of the two clubs that the ship has on board, The View and the Karaoke Lounge. No matter what you decide to do for your entertainment, one thing is certain; you will have a great time.

The Bahamas Celebration is a family friendly cruise ship. There are a variety of activities that your children will be provided with while on board. There are three, age specific clubs for you to choose from. Each club is supervised by a staff member and they will ensure that your children will have a fun and safe time while you explore the rest of the ship. The three clubs are Club Coconuts, for kids 3-9, Club Wave, for kids 10-14 and Open Water, for those between the ages of 15-17. You kids will have a fun time with the activities that Celebration offers.

Wow! Can you believe that was only the first day? The next morning, the ship arrives in Nassau, the Bahamas at 8AM, when you will be able to disembark and enjoy your day in this beautiful, tropical port. There are a vast amount of excursions to choose from once on shore. If you choose not to participate in any excursions, you are certainly more than welcome to explore the beautiful island on your own. Of course, there is an option to split up an excursion and exploration and do both. There is no wrong answer here because whatever you do, you will have an outstanding time. Depending on your itinerary, the ship will depart the port of Nassau at 5:30PM (for the two night package), or 7PM (for the three night package). Once you are back on the ship, you are free to choose where you would like to dine and then the rest of the night is yours to have fun.

These package deals that Celebration Cruise Line offers are some of the most affordable vacation packages around. All that you have to do is pick which one is right for you. There are so many things to do and see, on the ship and on the shore, which you will always have something to do. Be sure that you check out these hot deals on cruise vacations from Celebration Cruise Line and go see the Bahamas that you always wanted to see.

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